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Looking for a reliable driver to or from the airport who is almost never late, drives safe well within the speed limits, doesn't tail gate, and, is not overly chatty (unless you want him to be)?

Yes? Well then read on below..


The Vehicle

The vehicle you will be transported in is a Perodua Alza, 2010 automatic. It comes standard with Air-conditioning (of course), your choice of Music (if you like, that's availble on Spotify, and upon request), In-car Wifi connectivity (upon request), and, an Entertainment Screen that can play videos to keep you and/or your family/children entertained (upon advance request).

Being a 7-seater, the vehicle allows for a very comfortable seating arrangement for:

A. 6 Passengers with limited luggage space
(2 x 20" luggage) 

B. 4 Passengers with ample luggage space (2 x 28" and 2 x 20" luggage) and you'd still be able to fit a bag or 2 in the back seat if really necessary, OR

C. Under 4 Passengers with even more luggage space

Untitled design (5)_edited_edited.jpg

The Driver

My name is Jason. Clearly that's not me in the picture because i'm camera shy, but you'll see me soon enough if you do make a booking - you'll see that i don't look that much different from Brad.. I got 2 eyes, a nose, ears, a chin, you get the idea..

I speak fluent English, Bahasa Malaysia, and basic conversational Mandarin/Cantonese (in case you'd like to chat)

Booking & Service Policies:

1. All bookings must be made at least 72 hours (3 days) in advance for the Ad-Hoc Service, and 8 hours in advance for the Shuttle Service.

2. No booking Fee is required, but full payment is to be made by the end of each trip.

3. Booking cancellations should be conveyed at least 12 hours prior to pick-up time (would be greatly appreciated).

4. Flight delays should be conveyed as soon as possible (would be very much appreciated).

5. I can receive bookings for trips for a maximum of 6 passengers at a time for the Ad-Hoc Service, and a maximum of 3 passengers at a tme for the Shuttle Service.


My Services

Ad-Hoc Airport Transfer Rates

This is a straightforward airport transfer service. Just make a booking a minimum of 72 hours before your departure or arrival date/time, and if confirmed, I'll be there, on time, to pick you up! Please do take note that the below rates DOES NOT YET include toll charges, which will be factored in from pick-up to drop-off points.


To KLIA 1/2 (From Puchong)

For trips to the Airport from Puchong, my rates are cheaper for a very good reason, I live here.

Pick-Up Point to Airport
11pm to 5:30am - MYR 85

5:31am to 10:59pm - MYR 90

Note: Rates excluding Toll Charges


To KLIA 1/2 (From Other Areas)

For trips to the Airport from anywhere within the Klang Valley (outside of Puchong) that is within a 25km radius of Puchong, i charge just slightly more, just to make up for a little of the mileage and possible toll charges to get to the pick-up point. Unfortunately, I do not do pick-ups for airport trips for areas that are further than 25km from Puchong.

Pick-Up Point to Airport
11pm to 5:30am - MYR 90

5:31am to 10:59pm - MYR 95

Note: Rates excluding Toll Charges


From KLIA 1/2

For trips to anywhere in the Klang Valley within a 60km radius of the Airport (including Puchong), the below charges will apply. A surcharge of MYR2 per/km will be applicable for every additional kilometer over 60km.

Airport to Drop-Off Point
11pm to 5:30am - MYR 95

5:31am to 10:59pm - MYR 100

Note: Rates excluding Toll Charges

Ready to book an Ad-Hoc Trip?

Mondays Airport Shuttle Rates

This is a fixed airport shuttle service of 3 trips every Monday. You can make a booking for a longer term (example, book for every Monday for the month of October) by the last week of September, OR for just one trip as late as just 8 hours before any of the listed Pick-up Times. Once confirmed, I'll be there, on time, to pick you up!

Puchong to KLIA2 Shuttle Trips

From Puchong To KLIA 1/2

For these Monday Shuttle Trips to the Airport from Puchong:
1. I will only be doing 3 trips every Monday, at 3:45am, 5:45am and 8:30am.

2. For each trip, i will only be taking a maximum of 3 passengers (first come first serve based on booking)

3. The rate charged will be based on the number of passengers that have been confirmed for each trip, and will be as below:

Rates (Per Trip)
If only 1 Passenger - MYR 78 per person

If 2 Passengers - MYR 70 per person

If 3 Passengers - MYR 65 per person

Note: Toll charge will be charged at an additional RM6 for each trip and will be divided equally between all the passengers.

Ready to book a Shuttle Trip?

My Passengers Say..

View more reviews on Google, click here

"Nice guy, punctual service and very helpful!"

Sakuya, Passenger


So.. are you ready to ride?

Still have questions? Or maybe you've got a unique requirement you want to ask about? No problem, just click on the giant WhatsApp button below to get in touch with me.. I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have..

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