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Thank You and Congratulations!

Thanks for deciding to proceed with Source Co for the staffing needs of your F&B outlet(s). To continue, just select one of our 2 services listed below.


Provide us with information of what you need, what you're offering for workers and your criteria, and we'll search for suitable candidates for you.

To start the process, just click the "Get Started" button below.


Post your job vacancies on the SourceCo JOBS portal and get job-seeker's applications directly to you.

To start the process, just click the "Get Started" button below.



Click to download the Recruitment Services Agreement document below - read and if you agree to proceed, stamp and sign and send it back to us. We'll then Invoice you for the one-time Registration & On-Boarding Fee of RM150 - make the payment and send us the proof of payment.


Click the button below to start/continue the WhatsApp chat with Source Co and send the following information while in the WhatsApp Chat:

1. What and How Many Staff is Required (1 x Waiter, 3 x Bartender, etc)

2. For which outlet(s)/location(s) each of those staff is for

3. What criteria for each position (Must speak English, must have 1 year experience, etc)


Copy the Information Format below, then edit it to meet the Job information of your Restaurant/Outlet. Once done, click the "WhatsApp Now" button below to submit the information to us.


Information Format:

Job Details: [Please insert your Bar/Restaurant name here]
Restaurant Halal Status: Non-Halal (Pork and Alcohol), No Pork (Only Alcohol) OR Halal (No Pork & No Alcohol)

Working Days: 6 working days, 1 Off day
Shift hours: 9 hours (with 1 hour break in between)
Shift times: Shift 1 – 11:00am to 10:00pm, Shift 2 – 3:00pm to 1:00am
Overtime Pay: Yes. Payable for every hour past a full day’s shift.
Hostel provided: Yes.
Meals: 2 Staff meals provided per day.
Salary: Waiter/Waitress from RMxxx to RMxxx depending on Experience
Salary: Bartender from RMxxx to RMxxx depending on Experience
Salary: Cooks/Commis 1 RMxxx?
Salary: Kitchen Assistant/Helper RMxxx?
Employment Letter: With mandatory EPF and SOCSO deductions
Uniform: Will be provided in advance. RM100 will be deducted from the 1st salary.
Interview Location: ??

Items to be prepared to start work
1. Black Pants
2. Black T-Shirt (without noticeable branding) 
3. Black Shoes


Now we'll get to work and will send you profiles of suitable candidates as soon as we have them.

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Click the "Register" button below Register your company and fill in the required job Post information. Once you've submitted the registration and Job Post information, the remaining steps will be carried out on WhatsApp.


Once the other 3 steps are completed on WhatsApp, you'll just need to start waiting for applications to come in.

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