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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Got a question? Check out our FAQ below.



How long do we have to wait for a candidate if we engage Source Co? Does Source Co have ready candidates to send immediately?

We work on the basis of reaching out to candidates within the same area of requirement on our database as well as new applications from the area of requirement when our clients have a requirement. We will then check to see if any of them are available, if they're suitable according to your criteria.
As such, no we DO NOT have ready workers. Our search period can take anywhere from 3 days to 30 days (or even longer given the post pandemic market conditions) depending on your criteria, the area of requirement and market conditions. Our search only begins once we have all the necessary information from you (details about the job - salary, staff meals, etc).
Having said that, we do work on a basis of only charging only after we've gotten you a candidate to interview and you accepting the candidate upon interview. As such, it's a no risk approach of engaging us along with your other efforts to search for workers - if we get you a candidate quicker than your own efforts, you pay us. If you get a worker first, just let us know and we'll stop searching, and there's no charge to you. All good and well.

How does Source Co charge?

REGISTRATION & ON-BOARDING FEE priced at RM100. This Fee is charged as follows:
1. This fee is charged to any NEW Client of Source Connection Services who wishes to engage us to carry out the above-specified Search services for them.
2. This Fee is strictly non-refundable (regardless of the outcome of the searches carried out) as it is charged to register and on-board a new client and said client's first set of candidate requirements. Subsequent requirements will not be charged.

SEARCH & ASSESS FEE priced at RM500. This Fee is charged as follows:
1. Once we have found you a candidate to interview and you agree to interview said candidate (and the candidate shows up for the interview), IF the candidate is accepted by you or your appointed interviewer, you will need to set a commencement date (a date for which the candidate will start work) and communicate this date to both the candidate and us (Source Connection Services - Source Co).

2. We will then invoice you a partial portion of the fee on the commencement date, amounting to RM100. This amount is non-refundable and will be due immediately upon issuance of invoice.
3. Thereafter, the candidate will be employed and assessed by you for a 6 day CANDIDATE ASSESSMENT PERIOD starting from the commencement date. You may proceed to terminate the candidate according to applicable employment laws during this period if you find that the candidate is not suitable in any way, and IF YOU DO SO, no further payment will be due to Source Co. IF the candidate is still employed by you on the 7th day after the commencement date, we will issue an invoice for the remaining amount of RM400 of the SEARCH & ASSESS FEE on the 7th day, and the payment for this invoice will be due immediately upon issuance of said invoice.

For full information on our rates/plans, kindly call/WhatsApp 018-2334547.

Does Source Co supply foreign workers?


Source Co does Search & Assess on Foreign workers the same as Malaysian workers - we search, assess, filter and recommend for interview if suitable. We DO NOT however handle any matters relating to Foreign workers' visas and or work permits.


Through strategic partnership, we are able to offer New Foreign Worker Applications through our business partner. For further information on New Foreign Worker Applications, kindly call/WhatsApp 018-2334547.

Assuming i am interested to work with Source Co, what do i have to do? Is it complex and difficult?

No it isn't. We've designed our processes to make life easier for you, not more difficult. There are only 4 simple steps in working with us, and of the 4 steps, you only need to do 3 things, engage us, provide us with certain information and to interview the recommended candidates.

For further information on how we work with our clients in detail, visit

If I am opening up a restaurant branch in Ipoh, is Source Co able to provide candidates? Or does Source Co only service Kuala Lumpur and Selangor?

We are able to provide our services for our clients anywhere in Malaysia, be it Alor Setar, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Kuantan or Kota Kinabalu.

Does Source Co only provide search services for Waiters/Waitresses and Bartenders?

We provide our services for all positions available in an F&B outlet, these include Waiters/Waitresses, Cashiers, Bartenders, Baristas, Tearistas, Service Crew, Cooks, Kitchen Helpers (Commis 1, 2, 3), Chefs, Supervisors and even Restaurant Managers.


Assuming a client decides to hire a candidate that was recommended by us for interview, the client will need to provide us (Source Co) and the candidate the commencement date (the date the candidate is supposed to start work). Let's assume this date is the 1st of March 2003.So on the 1st of March 2003 when the candidate reports for work, Source Co will issue an invoice for the sum of RM100 (per candidate). The payment for this invoice will be due immediately if the candidate reports for work on time, regardless of any other sort of circumstance. This amount paid is non refundable.The Client will then be able to use the 6 days from the commencement date (CANDIDATE/SUITABILITY ASSESSMENT PERIOD) to assess the performance and suitability of the candidate (meaning from the 1st of March 2003 until the 6th of March 2003). During this time, the Client may terminate the candidate if found to be unsuitable for whatsoever reason (although adherence of the applicable employment laws is recommended as the employment of the candidate will entirely be between the Client and the Candidate). If the candidate is terminated within this period, no further fees will be due to Source Co. However, if the candidate is still employed by (or working for) the client on the 7th day (meaning 7th March 2003), then an invoice for the remaining sum of the SEARCH & ASSESS FEE of RM400 will be issued by Source Co to the Client on the 7th Day itself and this payment will be due immediately upon issuance of the said invoice. 

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