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STAFF RECRUITMENT | More than meets the eye

When it comes to staff recruitment for a restaurant or a retail outlet, many make the assumption that it is a simple task, and with the ever increasing role that social media plays in business, it's easy to be led to think so. Social media now provides powerful tools to advetise jobs and offers a wide reach at a low cost.

However, it is important to bear in mind that each company, restaurant or retail outlet needs to maintain their own identity and in hiring the very people that represent the store front day in and day out, the processes and workflow that brings about these hires need to be carefully designed in order to get the desired staff needed.

This is a tedious time consuming effort as it involves various steps, research and planning. Source Co can help with the majority of these steps, making your involvement minimal and only at the crucial steps, saving you valuable time and effort to focus on the important things to help increase the revenue for your restaurant, company or retail outlet. 

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Recruitment Campaign Planning

Instead of getting into the nitty gritty, set up a meeting with Source Co, we'll ask you a series of questions on your direction and objectives and we'll handle this process for you.

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Sign-up/Post Ads on Social Media Accounts

No need to worry about which Social Media platform serves your needs the best, or how much to spend on job ads and how to target the type of candidates you're looking for, Source Co will do the thinking and planning of these processes for you.

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Receive, Track, Read and Assess Applications

No need to worry about managing loads of applicants' profiles, Source Co will handle it - we'll receive, track, assess and only put forth candidates that are suitable for you to pick if you'd like to interview them.  

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Scheduling Interviews

And we'll even handle the scheduling of interviews for you - we'll check with you on your availability and arrange for the candidates to go over to your location of choice to be interviewed.

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Conducting Interviews

You'll then only need to interview the candidate(s) and decide on the successful candidate(s). Inform us of which candidate was successful and what date you'd like for the candidate to report to work - it's that easy!

AND, with Source Co's stay warranty plans, we'll have the candidate(s) replaced FREE OF CHARGE should he or she not meet his or her contracted obligations.

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